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Recreational activities are offered monthly!

SOAR and its community partners (businesses, churches and civic clubs) co-sponsor recreational activities such as dances, parties and putt-putt games. This not only provides enriching and inclusive opportunities for SOAR Club members, but also acts as a vehicle for community entities to forge relationships with their neighbors with developmental disabilities. SOAR's brand- Together, We SOAR - is based on its core belief in promoting an inclusive community. 

SOAR continually recruits club members and community partners to join the SOAR Network. Contact SOAR at 912-434-3484 or at


“We have had a full house at every social activity so far. SOAR Club members come in the door smiling from ear to ear. They participate 100% in activities and are now involved in the planning themselves. They have even participated in some service projects, such as making Valentines for the local nursing home. It is heartwarming to see the camaraderie among them. They laugh and chat with each other and genuinely enjoy each other's company."

- Kathy Calhoun, SOAR Club Members Chair

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