Executive Board


Jane Christian


As a retired Special Education teacher and administrator, I enjoy applying my acquired career skills working to enhance the lives of local citizens with developmental disabilities.  It has been a joy to watch SOAR grow through the hard work of its numerous volunteers.  As SOAR has blossomed, I’ve witnessed the growth of its participants either through skill building or strengthened bonds with peers.  Witnessing the smiles of satisfaction on the faces of participants is proof that SOAR is making a positive impact and makes my investment of time in the organization extremely fulfilling.


Charlotte Lawson

Vice President 

Reaching out to help and serve others has been my life-long calling, from assisting my family to assisting my students and colleagues. During my career as an educator I served as a regular education teacher, special education teacher, instructional coach and director of professional learning. Through all of my experiences, I learned that each of us has something unique and special to offer. I joined SOAR to shine a light on the unique potential of our local adults with disabilities.


Peggy Riley

Treasurer/ Volunteer Chair

Throughout my career as a special education teacher, I was always amazed at the love and caring my special education students showed for each other and all those around them.  One of my greatest joys was to see them accepted, appreciated, and engaged in the school community.  When I retired from teaching, I found that I very much missed my interactions with my students with disabilities and also realized that they lost recreational and social activities as well as interaction with their peers,  when they left school.  My work with Special Olympics and then as a member of the board of SOAR gives me the opportunity to help provide social and recreational activities  for citizens with disabilities in our community.  By helping to enrich the lives or our citizens with disabilities, I have certainly enriched my own. 


Debby  Richardson


After a career in public education working with Special Needs students , I have been delighted to bring my skills to the SOAR Board to continue to enhance the lives of this special population .  I continue to be amazed at what we are accomplishing with our programs .  I look forward to many more opportunities to be a part of this  community.





Adult Enrichment Chair

Being a part of SOAR has been the fulfillment of a lifetime goal for me. As a sister to a Developmentally Disabled adult, I was keenly aware of the lack of opportunity to socialize and have recreational fun for this very precious group. It has been very satisfying to me see their level of joy at having fun social activities when we have events. Their eagerness to participate is very rewarding to see. Together We SOAR!!


Judi Kelley 

Public Relations Chair

I am so glad to be a part of SOAR and work with the dedicated team of people on the SOAR board.  Before retiring, I formulated and supervised programs for children and parents of children with special needs and  realize the importance of continued socialization and skill building.  It’s been gratifying to see so many organizations in Glynn County helping out, organizing events  and offering volunteers.  I love the fellowship and fun at the gatherings, making the planning worthwhile!


Ellen Goldberg

Fundraising Chair

My professional background is Home Healthcare business administration.  Throughout my career, my focus was to ensure safety and wellbeing to all the clients we served by developing caregivers who would care for those who were dependent on that support.  Many of our client population were those with physical and developmental challenges. 

Just before retiring, I met a group of amazing ladies who were organizing a program committed to the complete wellbeing for a population with developmentally delays who lived in our communities.   Being educators, these ladies were keenly aware of adult individuals who recently graduated from the school system and found themselves way too idle and unchallenged, many were primarily ambulatory but uninspired to be regularly active.

I was drawn in by the knowhow and the energy of this “band of teachers” who knew it was possible to transition “want to” to “developed achievement” with a focus to join Special Olympics and  programs to encourage recreation and socialization for this group.    I brought a business background and state relationships when I was honored to join the SOAR Board of Directors. 

 The SOAR organization started from an idea and now is a respected service organization, serving over 100 individuals, children, and adults in our area.   We provide confidence to the individuals who participate, pride to the parents whose children look forward to attending regularly scheduled events and appreciation from of a community who sees value in helping our participants enjoy life.

Together we SOAR!

Board Members

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Peggy Chamberlin

Adult Enrichment Support

Prior to retirement I was fortunate to spend my career working with students identified with special needs in various categories. Volunteering with SOAR has enabled me to continue to work with a diverse population. SOAR offers a wide spectrum of activities and learning experiences for the participants that would otherwise be unavailable.  The caregivers are supportive and grateful for the many opportunities provided. It is always rewarding to assist with the events and observe the interactions and enjoyment of those in attendance. Friendships are formed and individuals become more engaged with each activity. This is such a well-rounded program and enhances the health and well-being of those involved in so many ways. It is gratifying to be a part of this caring and worthwhile organization! 


Joan Lee

Adult Enrichment Support

I enjoyed a very rewarding career for thirty-six years working with students with disabilities in Glynn County Schools.  SOAR gives me an opportunity to interact with adults with developmental disabilities in our community and support programs that enrich their lives.

Jackie 1.JPG

Jaqueline Mells

Financial Advisor/CPA

As a new Board Member of SOAR, I serve as financial advisor, utilizing my skills as a Certified Public Accountant.  In the short time I have been a member, I take great pride in the work SOAR does to directly affect and strengthen the quality of life of those with developmental disabilities.  I am honored to serve with SOAR and give voice to a part of the community that may otherwise be unheard. 


Cathy Erickson

Board Intern

I came to this board as an intern because of their mission. Each of the SOAR participants gives back much more than they are given. The growth of this organization since their inception has been inspiring to watch. I am blessed to be a part of it.