iCan Bike Camp

In July, 2016, SOAR hosted the iCan Bike camp which is a program that teaches individuals with disabilities to ride a two-wheeled bicycle using specialized instruction and adapted equipment. This project was life-changing for the 30 participants who had never been able to successfully ride a bicycle like their non-disabled peers. For example, one of the riders now has the means to transport himself to work, and others are able to go out into their neighborhoods and ride with their families and friends. 

SOAR is planning to host another iCan Bike camp in the Summer of 2021!

For more information about the iCan Bike Camp in Glynn and McIntosh Counties email info@soargoldenisles.org 

“N. has been riding his bike like a champ! Can’t thank you enough for your dedication and thoughtfulness! My family has been having a beautiful time riding bikes and enjoying this wonderful milestone in his life. If it wasn’t for all of the volunteers at iCan Bike, we would be struggling today. Now, today is a pleasant and an enjoyable experience with N. and he feels capable and confident. Tears of joy! Can’t thank you enough!”

— Parent of an iCan Bike participant

ican bike.png