What does SOAR stand for? 

How can someone I know become a SOAR Club member?

What is a developmental disability? 

What counties does SOAR serve?

Is SOAR a 501 (c) (3) corporation? 

How does my organization become a community partner?

I am interested in SOAR's mission, but I have no experience in working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Can I still become a SOAR volunteer? 

How do I become a SOAR volunteer? 

What are the requirements to become a SOAR member?

I am interested in volunteering, but I work full time and cannot devote too much time to the effort. Is there a place for me to help out with SOAR? 

How is SOAR funded? 

How do I get involved with Special Olympics? 

How do I learn more about SOAR’s Health & Wellness Program?

I am a family member of an individual with a developmental disability and looking for resources in the community for support. Can SOAR help me?

What is SOAR's relationship with Special Olympics of Coastal Georgia?

What needs does SOAR have to achieve its goals?

About SOAR

SOAR provides a variety of ways for people in our community to support our neighbors with developmental disabilities.

Email: info@soargoldenisles.org

Phone: (912) 434-3484 

P.O. Box 21672 

St. Simons Island, Ga, 31522

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